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@ -9,51 +9,50 @@
# voice-based doubles
double e:
impulse primary: voice medic
impulse secondary: voice activate uber
type: impulse
primary: voice medic
secondary: voice activate uber
condition: mouse4
double t:
impulse primary: voice thanks
impulse secondary: voice nice shot
type: impulse
primary: voice thanks
secondary: voice nice shot
condition: mouse4
double v:
impulse primary: voice spy
impulse secondary: voice help
type: impulse
primary: voice spy
secondary: voice help
condition: mouse4
# hold doubles
double r:
hold: "class_action"
hold: "reload"
type: hold
primary: +class_action
secondary: +reload
condition: mouse4
cancel both: yes
cancel: both
# other
double =:
impulse: kill
impulse: explode
condition: "-"
impulse =: kill
impulse -: explode
double q:
impulse primary: lastinv
impulse secondary:
type: impulse
primary: lastinv
- "slot2"
- "wait 10"
- "slot1"
condition: mouse4
double ctrl:
# I use shift to crouch
impulse primary:
voice yes
impulse secondary:
voice no
type: impulse
primary: voice yes
secondary: voice no
condition: mouse4
# toggle
toggle capslock: voicerecord
toggle capslock: +voicerecord
# hold: null-cancelled movement, so hitting a while holding d causes
# me to go left instead of stopping, or vice-versa.
@ -83,7 +82,6 @@ default:
impulse maybeMoveRight:
alias: yes
command: ""
# class action is something useful for each class,
# like destroying and rebuilding a sentry for the engineer
# this is just the default. I do a lot of hybridknight and
@ -99,16 +97,16 @@ default:
impulse load0:
alias: yes
command: "load_itempreset 0"
command: "load_itempreset a"
impulse load1:
alias: yes
command: "load_itempreset 1"
command: "load_itempreset b"
impulse load2:
alias: yes
command: "load_itempreset 2"
command: "load_itempreset c"
impulse load3:
alias: yes
command: "load_itempreset 3"
command: "load_itempreset d"
impulse INS:
- "load0"
@ -140,12 +138,21 @@ medic:
alias: yes
press: "hud_medicautocallersthreshold 150"
release: "hud_medicautocallersthreshold 75"
double e:
type: impulse
condition: mouse4
primary: voice medic
secondary: voice uber ready
double mouse1:
hold primary:
hold secondary:
type: hold
condition: mouse4
cancel: both
# normal firing
primary: +attack
# rocket jump
- +attack
- +duck
@ -154,5 +161,3 @@ soldier:
- -attack
- -duck
- -jump
condition: mouse4