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# Building Documentation
This is the documentation that appears on [The tfscript website](
## Building the Docs
Before you can build the docs, you have to do the _Prerequisites_ below.
1. Run `make html`
2. The docs appear in `docs/build/html`. You can open them in a browser (e.g., on Mac do `open docs/build/html/index.html`)
3. Run `` to upload it to the S3 bucket
3. Run `` to upload it to the S3 bucket (only works if you have the right profile/permissions in AWS)
## Prerequisites
I recommend building a Python [**venv**](
1. Make the virtual environment `python -m venv ~/.python`
2. Activate it: `source ~/.python/bin/activate`
3. Install all the requirements into it.
1. `pip3 install -r ../requirements.txt`
2. `pip3 install -r requirements.txt`
Now you can run the steps above in the **Building** section.