A python script for running on micropython on an Inky Frame. https://infosec.exchange/@paco/
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A python script for fetching a Lovelace dashboard from HomeAssistant on micropython on an Inky Frame.


Here's what it looks like


If you want to use it, follow the getting started guidance at Pimoroni. Clone this repo, and save inky-lovelace.py as main.py on your Inky Frame.

Known Bugs

  • I'm still not sure how time zones work on the Inky Frame
  • It's not working correctly for me when on battery, despite working fine on USB...

Background Notes

These are all web sites, videos, and references I used when putting it together.


Home Assistant

  • HACS: extra customisation framework that basically all Home Assistant users should have
  • Kiosk Mode: installs a "kiosk" mode of a Lovelace dashboard that hides the menu bars and stuff. Perfect for this application.

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