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# aws-gizmos
A bunch of AWS bash and python scripts that automate some AWS chores
A bunch of AWS bash and python scripts that automate some AWS chores. Read the source of each script to see how it is used. Here's a few summaries.
* **activate-bpa.sh**: Turn on the [block public access](https://aws.amazon.com/s3/features/block-public-access/) feature for all buckets found.
* **ec2-ami-map-yaml.py**: I used to do raw CloudFormation scripts. Today I use mostly CDK. Back in the day, you needed to lookup the AMI id in every region if you were going to have a multi-region template. This automates looking up all the different IDs per region and spits out a YAML snippet you could include in a template.
* **ec2-upload-keys-all.sh**: I use the same SSH key in all regions. This automates uploading the SSH key to all regions in EC2.
* **empty-bucket.py**: A script that empties just a prefix of a bucket (e.g., only all the objects underneath `s3://mybucket/path/dir/stuff/`).
* **remove_default_vpcs.py**: A quick script to find and remove all default VPCs in an AWS account.
* **remove_detached_igws.py**: A quick script that will find and delete any detached Internet Gateways in an account.
* **create-athena-org-table.sql**: If you want to create an Athena table to query cloudtrail, and you want to query across a lot of accounts and a lot of regions (e.g., one big fat S3 bucket with your entire estate's CloudTrail logs), then this creates a somewhat dynamic table definition that creates a lot of partitions to simplify querying.