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SQFMI 65061fd30f updated 2 months ago
sqfmi ce71292ea9 Add new watchface and uptime 5 months ago
SQFMI ef0534e92b Update to version 1.4.5 5 months ago
sqfmi 99158e19d4 v1.4.3 8 months ago
sqfmi 8adde783be update library 8 months ago
sqfmi 715a0e1bd3 fix include order 1 year ago
SQFMI c5ddfb4e7b
Update library.json 1 year ago
sqfmi 3c9afbb6d2 update to 1.4.0 1 year ago
sqfmi c5b43d2eac small tweaks to "About Watchy" 1 year ago
sqfmi 26f5ac20c0 Add NTPClient dependency 1 year ago
sqfmi de126cd292 Updated NTP to use NTPClient.h 1 year ago
Aaron Nielsen df37a3b9ef fix warning in library.json due to missing comman 1 year ago
SQFMI 2bfe297e7b change line endings 1 year ago
SQFMI c5be1917a5
Update library.json 1 year ago
sqfmi 12915a48e6 Native NTP support & bug fixes 1 year ago
Kyle Potts 069d18f1cc
Update library.json 2 years ago
Kyle Potts 678614aff9
Point Rtc_Pcf863 at same library Arduino is using 2 years ago
sqfmi 48d06b9661 bump version 2 years ago
sqfmi ac82f48c45 fixed freeze bug 2 years ago
sqfmi 7a28210b41 fixed bugs and change temp. sensor 2 years ago
sqfmi 6363caeac2 auto switch ADC pin 2 years ago
sqfmi 241f568e71 Fix RTC 2 years ago
sqfmi 47976fa3de update to v1.2.7 2 years ago
SQFMI aabb888069 Add support for ESP RTC 2 years ago
SQFMI 55cb672cee update weather interval 2 years ago
SQFMI cf62ec9b3c
Update library.json 2 years ago
Eric Doughty-Papassideris 5aee35cf72 Adding platformio library.json 2 years ago