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SQFMI 472eee733d
Merge branch 'master' into fix/gmtOffset_from_weather 9 months ago
Olivier Mehani b0e405e187
Use designated initialisers for watchySettings
This [0] allows to skip obsolete fields, and generally not have to rely
on field ordering.


Signed-off-by: Olivier Mehani <>
11 months ago
Olivier Mehani 2bd89ef250
Get gmtOffset from weather data, for use in all NTP requests
Signed-off-by: Olivier Mehani <>
11 months ago
sqfmi 99158e19d4 v1.4.3
- add ntp sync to weather call
- removed dst param since it's not used
12 months ago
SQFMI 2bfe297e7b change line endings 2 years ago
sqfmi 9f0ce88057 user definable settings 2 years ago
Eric Doughty-Papassideris 0ed0d0922e Removing some warning and potential undefined behaviours 3 years ago
SQFMI 516142c373 added bins 3 years ago
SQFMI ee77c1febc added screenshots 3 years ago
Dan Delany ce0fd4bbe7 fix centered text, pre-generate stars and store in PROGMEM 3 years ago
Dan Delany b60bd6e66a Add StarryHorizon watch face 3 years ago