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sqfmi ce71292ea9 Add new watchface and uptime 5 months ago
Olivier Mehani 5f07f2ec63
Add opion to vibrate every hour (and on reset) 8 months ago
Olivier Mehani b0e405e187
Use designated initialisers for watchySettings 8 months ago
Olivier Mehani 2bd89ef250
Get gmtOffset from weather data, for use in all NTP requests 8 months ago
sqfmi 99158e19d4 v1.4.3 8 months ago
Batchyx ccef29a679 Fix compilation of Watchy_Tetris 1 year ago
SQFMI 2bfe297e7b change line endings 1 year ago
sqfmi 9f0ce88057 user definable settings 1 year ago
sqfmi 12915a48e6 Native NTP support & bug fixes 1 year ago
sqfmi e34fbac279 fixed wednesday 2 years ago
Metaln00b ff48d8a241 7_SEG: Add additional weather icons 2 years ago
Greg Wilson d9882ab634 fixed incorrect 12h time conversion 2 years ago
Greg Wilson 20ee700d5a Added variable HOUR_12_24 to config.h, for setting a 12-hour or 24-hour time display. Set to 24 by default. 2 years ago
Nicolas Schodet 2f6cad2fc2 Use smaller font when temperature does not fit, closes #52 2 years ago
Nicolas Schodet 3680e99634 Fix temperature position, closes #52 2 years ago
Tomas Ekeli 381d08d818
step count reset and temperature display bug 2 years ago
SQFMI 55cb672cee update weather interval 2 years ago
Eric Doughty-Papassideris 0ed0d0922e Removing some warning and potential undefined behaviours 2 years ago
SQFMI 4abc401509 fix file name 2 years ago
SQFMI 516142c373 added bins 2 years ago
SQFMI 06b92e6bc5
Add files via upload 2 years ago
SQFMI 1f5bd052db
Rename README to README.md 2 years ago
SQFMI fab7abeea0
Update README 2 years ago
SQFMI c4a9c1a6d5
Create README 2 years ago
SQFMI 9c87c6030b added dark mode for 7_SEG 2 years ago
SQFMI 5d0822b064 added MacPaint 2 years ago
SQFMI 94f3c198b3 fixed hard coded time in Tetris 2 years ago
SQFMI 609c839c4a added Tetris 2 years ago
SQFMI ee77c1febc added screenshots 2 years ago
Dan Delany ce0fd4bbe7 fix centered text, pre-generate stars and store in PROGMEM 2 years ago
Dan Delany b60bd6e66a Add StarryHorizon watch face 2 years ago
SQFMI 8ba8f33fb1 updated watch faces 2 years ago
SQFMI ef501c42e0 updated to 1.1.7 2 years ago