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This script must be run via python **on your mastodon server** because it calls the [`tootctl`]( administration tool. There's lots of stuff you can do with the [Mastodon API](, but creating users like this requires a CLI tool.
This is a _one-time step_ that you do when you begin to use toota-palooza. You can delete this script after you run it once.
# Usage
1. Decide on an email address to use for all your accounts. (See EMAIL ADDRESSES below)
2. Decide how many you want to run
3. Copy this `` script to your mastodon server.
4. `cd` to a directory where you can write an output file. You could do it from `/tmp` if you wanted to.
5. Make sure the mastodon `tootctl` binary is in your path, or provide the path as a `--path` argument.
# Email Addresses
There will be some emails generated (the toota-palooza system tries to minimise them), and email addresses are needed for logging in. So we generate one email address per test user. You give us a regular email address like this: ``. We will generate userIDs that look like this: `tooter_pqda_568`. And we will assign the email address: `` to the `tooter_pqda_568` Mastodon account. For most email services (GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail), this ["plus addressing"]( has been an Internet standard for decades.