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# toota-palooza
Python program to fill a mastodon timeline with randomized toots.
Python program to fill a mastodon timeline with randomized toots.
# Setting up a Dev environment
So you want to run this yourself, eh?
You need:
1. A bot account on an instance. Go create one. Do **not** enable MFA on it.
2. Python
## Python prep
1. Check out the code. Build it and install it in your working environment.
1. If you have the `build` package for python, you can run `pyproject-build`
2. Alternatively you can run `pip install -r requirements.txt`
3. Assuming your current working directory is the root of this repository, install into your build environment with `pip install -e .`
2. Copy the `example.env` file to a file named `.env` in the root of this repo.
3. Edit that `.env` file to contain all the secrets!
## Initialise your Mastodon app
This is a one-time thing you do ever. First time you go to run the bot in a new environment where it hasn't run before.
1. Find `toota-palooza/` and edit it
2. Edit the lines to uncomment them and change any values you need to (like app name and server)
3. Run it one time (e.g., `python`). It should just exit, creating the file.
4. Edit the file and comment the lines out again. You just do that once.
# Running
Assuming everything is up to date, all your files initialised with correct values, you can just run `toota-palooza`.
Currently it runs once, does its stuff, and exits.