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"""Convenience methods for dealing with the TiLDA buttons
Pins are decined in tilda.Buttons.BTN_XYZ:
BTN_0 - BTN_9, BTN_Hash, BTN_Star
BTN_Call, BTN_End
JOY_Center, JOY_Down, JOY_Left, JOY_Right, JOY_Up
___license___ = "MIT"
import machine, time, tilda
# Convenience
Buttons = tilda.Buttons
_tilda_bounce = {}
def is_pressed(button):
return tilda.Buttons.is_pressed(button)
def is_triggered(button, interval = 30):
"""Use this function if you want buttons as a trigger for something in a loop
It blocks for a while before returning a True and ignores trailing edge highs
for a certain time to filter out bounce on both edges
global _tilda_bounce
if is_pressed(button):
if button in _tilda_bounce:
if time.ticks_ms() > _tilda_bounce[button]:
del _tilda_bounce[button]
return False # The button might have bounced back to high
# Wait for a while to avoid bounces to low
# Wait until button is released again
while is_pressed(button):
_tilda_bounce[button] = time.ticks_ms() + interval
return True
# The following functions might not work
def has_interrupt(button):
return False;
# todo: re-enable
#global _tilda_interrupts
#if button in _tilda_interrupts:
# return True
# return False
def enable_interrupt(button, interrupt, on_press = True, on_release = False):
raise Exception("interrupts don't work yet")
"""Attaches an interrupt to a button
on_press defines whether it should be called when the button is pressed
on_release defines whether it should be called when the button is releaseed
The callback function must accept exactly 1 argument, which is the line that
triggered the interrupt.
global _tilda_interrupts
pin = _get_pin(button)
if button in _tilda_interrupts:
# If someone tries to set an interrupt on a pin that already
# has one that's totally ok, but we need to remove the old one
# first
if not (on_press or on_release):
mode = None;
if on_press and on_release:
mode = machine.ExtInt.IRQ_RISING_FALLING
if pin.pull() == machine.Pin.PULL_DOWN:
mode = machine.ExtInt.IRQ_RISING if on_press else machine.ExtInt.IRQ_FALLING
mode = machine.ExtInt.IRQ_FALLING if on_press else machine.ExtInt.IRQ_RISING
_tilda_interrupts[button] = {
"interrupt": machine.ExtInt(pin, mode, pin.pull(), interrupt),
"mode": mode,
"pin": pin
def disable_interrupt(button):
raise Exception("interrupts don't work yet")
global _tilda_interrupts
if button in _tilda_interrupts:
interrupt = _tilda_interrupts[button]
machine.ExtInt(interrupt["pin"], interrupt["mode"], interrupt["pin"].pull(), None)
del _tilda_interrupts[button]
def disable_all_interrupt():
raise Exception("interrupts don't work yet")
for interrupt in _tilda_interrupts: