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from ussl import *
import ussl as _ussl
# Constants
if sym not in globals():
globals()[sym] = object()
def wrap_socket(sock, keyfile=None, certfile=None, server_side=False,
cert_reqs=CERT_NONE, *, ca_certs=None, server_hostname=None):
# TODO: More arguments accepted by CPython could also be handled here.
# That would allow us to accept ca_certs as a positional argument, which
# we should.
kw = {}
if keyfile is not None:
kw["keyfile"] = keyfile
if certfile is not None:
kw["certfile"] = certfile
if server_side is not False:
kw["server_side"] = server_side
if cert_reqs is not CERT_NONE:
kw["cert_reqs"] = cert_reqs
if ca_certs is not None:
kw["ca_certs"] = ca_certs
if server_hostname is not None:
kw["server_hostname"] = server_hostname
return _ussl.wrap_socket(sock, **kw)